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Together, we'll use great content and the power of Facebook, Instagram and other digital platforms to drive more orders and sell more tickets.

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Online Stores

I used Shopify to create an online store with an average conversion rate of 3.45%, 87% higher than the industry average. Using Ads Manager to run campaigns on Facebook and Instagram, my average Return On Ad Spend (ROAS) is 10.57.

Event Marketing

Take control of your ticket sales. I use ads on Facebook and Instagram together with a dedicated tour or event landing page to streamline the customer journey, target high-quality audiences and capture valuable data for remarketing.

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Equipping you with the most important skills you need to manage your own digital marketing campaigns. 


Creative direction, strategic advice and technical how-to at your fingertips. Easy and convenient, where and when you need it. 


A fully managed multi-platform digital marketing campaign with creative and strategy that work together to deliver results.  

Kind Words

Client feedback from recent projects. 

Fanny Lumsden

Country Artist

Liam really helped me wade through the jungle that is social media advertising. He really helped make every dollar I spent on Facebook count and reach the people who are actually interested in coming to my shows. It's easy to just throw money at the slot machine that is Facebook when you don’t know what you’re doing! I highly recommend engaging Liam to help run your digital advertising and sell some tickets.

Timothy James Bowen


Working with Liam turned a seriously daunting task of selling tickets into a process that was such a joy. He took what could have been an enormously anxiety-inducing burden completely off my shoulders. His flexibility, his willing attitude and his incredible insight into the world of online marketing are such a valuable tool for this industry. I'll be recommending him to everyone I know.

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